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Anodised Aluminium

Our aluminium products are all anodised. This significantly increases the durability of the products.

Anodising also enables different colours to be easily and consistently applied during manufacture, they can be polished to a high sheen and are easier to affix to surfaces than un-anodised products.

These products are especially suitable for internal use, however they can also be used externally.

The Anodising Process

Basically this involves oxidising the surface of the aluminium through being placed in an anodising bath where an electrical current is passed through the anode and cathode. This coats the aluminium with an anodic film of aluminium oxide. The depth of the anodic film is determined by the time in the anodising tank, usually approximately 60 minutes which will create an anodic film thickness of 18 microns.

The quality of the anodic film is determined by the temperature and concentration of the electrolyte and the current density applied. The anodic film is of a very porous honeycomb structure and must then be sealed in order to achieve the desired weather resistant properties.

The film produced is porous, hard, transparent and can be coloured in various ways. Anodic films are generally much stronger and more adherent than most types of paint and metal plating.